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French poet whose work influenced the surrealists (1854-1891)

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He is an expert on the works of William Shakespeare, Jean Racine, Moliere and Arthur Rimbaud.
466--"Men consciously and voluntarily descended into disease and madness, in search of knowledge": Arthur Rimbaud, Letter of May 15, 1871
I have several bookcases full of titles, and here, now, I confess: on one shelf, I have a small dedicated collection of holy writing: Shel Silverstein next to Albert Camus, Arthur Rimbaud next to Khalil Gibran, and then Fyodor Dostoyevsky next to Paul Auster.
DENMARK 1986 - We were only in tears for four years though, as in 1986 we fell in love with another side that flirted with greatness playing the game in a way that demanded Arthur Rimbaud come back from the dead and write a poem about them.
The slopes of the Chercher mountain range, just outside Harar, are said to grow the finest coffee in the world, the factor that probably drew Arthur Rimbaud, the rebellious 19th century French poet (who was, for a time, a coffee trader) to live in the city.
Ophelia dons symbolism's white habits in the Poesies of Arthur Rimbaud and returns to her springtime meeting with Hamlet, whom he doesn't name.
French poet Arthur Rimbaud spent some of the last months of his life in Harar before being buried in 1891.
This historically bohemian area was once home to writers, including Virginia Woolf, George Bernard Shaw and Arthur Rimbaud.
work of the poet Arthur Rimbaud, closely followed by Ted Hughes, with
What Mapplethorpe did for photography in the latter half of the 20th century is akin to the way in which the Marquis de Sade changed prose in 18th-century France, and how Arthur Rimbaud changed poetry in 19th-century France, to be followed by the writings of Jean Genet, who, like Mapplethorpe, was truly before his time.
Lawrence, Martin Heidegger, Friedrich Nietzsche, George Orwell, and Arthur Rimbaud are all invoked and briefly commented on (and this is of course only a partial list).
The title is from a phrase by the French poet Arthur Rimbaud to describe his method of writing and sees the dancers switching between quiet contemplation to sudden rushes of movement.
Rimerlain: French poets Arthur Rimbaud and the Paul Verlaine had a short-lived, torrid romance involving buckets of booze, drugs, and ultimately, bullets.