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United States playwright (1915-2005)


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Playwright Arthur Miller and actress Marilyn Monroe <Bmarried on this day in 1956
Screening of the performance of the play by Arthur Miller as performed at the National Theatre.
As useful as it is, this Descriptive Bibliography is not the first of its kind devoted to Arthur Miller, In 2000 Scarecrow Press published Arthur Miller's Life and Literature: A n Annotated and Comprehensive Guide, by Stefani Koorey.
Beauty married brains, and Marilyn Monroe became Mrs Arthur Miller.
When immediate memory of Arthur Miller is sequestered by time then there shall come the definitive account of his life and work.
A debut novel by Rebecca Miller, wife of actor Daniel Day-Lewis and the daughter of playwright Arthur Miller, has been shortlisted for Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan's Summer Read, a feature on their Channel 4 talkshow.
Broken Glass, the drama by Arthur Miller, will be performed by The Jewish Players from today until Saturday at the Royal Grammar School, in Eskdale Terrace, Newcastle, at 7.
The ten-year lease was negotiated by Madison and the principals of Bentley, Brian Miller and Arthur Miller.
Love Hurts offers the listener a comic Steve Almond story about a blind date gone right, a brilliant Arthur Miller coming-of-age tale about an adolescent boy who purchases his first puppy and has his first sexual experience on the same day, a touching vignette by Pamela Painter of a woman reading to her dying husband, and a canny, acerbic glimpse of a new Olympic sport as invented by Ron Carlson: dining out with one's ex and pretending not to care.
Arthur Miller, who passed away recently, was one of my heroes.
What an outpouring of pious liberal sentimentality greeted the death of the playwright and left-wing icon Arthur Miller, aged 89, last month
NEW YORK - Legendary playwright Arthur Miller, famous for his prizewinning ''Death of a Salesman'' and other powerful plays, has died, U.
Arthur Miller, Pulitzer Prize winner and former husband of Marilyn Monroe, was just trying to fix the vertical hold.
PLAYWRIGHT Arthur Miller, one of the giants of 20th century literature, has died aged 89.
4 /PRNewswire/ -- Many know Harvard Law School Professor Arthur Miller from television appearances on Good Morning America, Court TV, and his own show, Miller's Court.