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In vivo postbranchial pH (Thermo Electron portable pH meter, Beverly, MA) was determined by disinfecting the dorsal abdominal--cephalothoracic arthrodial membrane with 70% ethanol and placing a 16-gauge beveled-tip pH microprobe (Microelectrodes Inc.
Arthrodial membranes (the joints) were not significantly affected in epizootic shell disease.
pagurus with a hypodermic syringe; the arthrodial membrane at the base of a walking leg was punctured, and 2 mi of hemolymph was extracted.
Each animal received a series of three 40-[micro]1 injections of LB extract at 2-day intervals through the arthrodial membrane at the base of a walking leg.
Hemolymph (500 [micro]l) was aspirated by syringe, through the arthrodial membrane of the coxa of the 4th pair of walking legs.
At this point both crabs were promptly captured (within 5 s) and hemolymph was withdrawn from the venous sinus by puncturing the arthrodial membrane.
The second antenna of a lobster or crayfish consists of a series of calcified rings, or annuli, connected by flexible arthrodial membranes (Tautz et al.
The prosome-urosome joint in copepods has a transverse pivot line with extensive arthrodial membrane (thinner than the cuticle) dorsally and ventrally that permits considerable dorsoventral, but little lateral, flexion.