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one of the small thin-walled arteries that end in capillaries

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Although the general arrangement of blood vessels in both circulations is from arteries to capillaries to veins, in some parts of the systemic circulation it is modified so that a vein or an arteriole is interposed between two capillary networks; these vessels constitute portal systems.
Originally, it was thought appropriate to quantify generalised arteriolar attenuation due to evidence that arterioles would be more affected by narrowing in response to cardiovascular disease processes than venules.
The researchers also went a step further to calculate patterns of blood flow based on the diameters and connections of the vessels and asked how this would change if a feeder arteriole were blocked.
I will use advanced techniques in the Nelson lab to investigate alterations in a) neurovascular coupling in vivo, b) contractile function of small brain arterioles and c) intracellular calcium signals in these vessels and surrounding astrocytes after ischemic stroke in mice.
7%) had minimal pathologic change as defined by less than 5% GS, less than 10% IF/TA, and mild or no significant vascular sclerosis (interlobular, small arteries, arterioles including hilar arterioles).
Hypertension-induced medial thickening of intramyocardial coronary arterioles results in stenosis of the coronary arterioles and consequent myocardial ischemia and dysfunction (Park and Schiffrin 2001), and perivascular accumulation of collagen fibers may also induce a compression on the coronary arterioles, thus impair the vasodilator capacity of intramyocardial coronary arteries and therefore account for the decrease in coronary vasodilator reserve, which is commonly seen in the hypertensive heart (Strauer 1990).
Angiotensin II directly increases glomerular filtration pressure by causing constriction of the efferent arterioles.
Therefore the purpose of this study was to determine the effect of aging and exercise training on the myogenic response in skeletal muscle resistance arterioles from 2 skeletal muscles composed of different fiber type (soleus and white portion of the gastrocnemius) and whether or not this effect takes place in the vascular smooth muscle.
Structural changes in renal arterioles in Type I diabetic patients.
EPA and DHA metabolites stimulate the dilation of arterioles (small arteries) (Ye et al.
Drugs can reduce the renal blood perfusion by modulating the vasomotor tone of the afferent (pre-glomerular) or efferent (post-glomerular) arterioles and decrease glomerular filtration rate with subsequent renal failure.
Polyvinyl alcohol and gelatin particles are the most commonly used materials, They can reach the most distal points at the smallest arteriole level via blood flow and obliterate the arterioles.
Adult worms were isolated from the heart, pulmonary arteries and arterioles of 56 rats, (55 R.
20,22) However, this circulatory stimulation is not directly related to muscular contraction, but rather the physiological inhibitory mechanism of the sympathetic fibers in small arterioles.