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the formation of new blood vessels

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Arteriogenesis, a subset of angiogenesis, refers to the formation of new arteries, the type of blood vessel that carries oxygenated blood to the tissues.
Collateral growth is a multistage process and all of the above stages can be disturbed by various risk factors, which can harm the integrity of arteriogenesis.
After the FGF-4 protein is secreted or transported out of the myocyte, it acts via high affinity FGF receptors on neighboring endothelial cells to signal the initiation of cardiac angiogenic activity and enhancement of the arteriogenesis processes.
Schaper has led pioneering studies on arteriogenesis and collateral development in ischemic heart disease and peripheral vascular disease and currently heads the Arteriogenesis Research Group in Bad Neuheim.
to acquire exclusive and permanent global rights to SurgiFrost - Received marketing approval from the US FDA for the Freezor CryoAblation System - Received 510(k) approval Freezor(R) Xtra Surgical Cardiac CryoAblation Device - Received European CE Mark for Freezor(R) MAX - Obtained method and device patent relating to the Company's arteriogenesis program - Reported positive Beta test results for Arctic Circler(TM)
Eva-Elina Buschmann on behalf of the European Arteriogenesis Network 2 Trial, at the 2009 European Society of Cardiology (ESC) Congress taking place in Barcelona, Spain, demonstrates that EECP([R]) therapy along with its positive acute hemodynamic benefits also promotes the growth of coronary collateral blood vessels to ischemic regions improving circulation in patients with stable angina.
Anginera, an epicardial patch containing living human fibroblast cells and extracellular matrix, induces arteriogenesis, repair and restoration of regional heart function.
Patent and Trademark Office has granted the Company a new method and device patent, US 6,546,932, providing broad coverage for CryoCath's arteriogenesis program, a novel therapy for the more than 500,000 patients worldwide suffering from chronic cardiac ischemia.