Artaxerxes II

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king of Persia who subdued numerous revolutions and made peace with Sparta (?-359 BC)


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In point of fact, Artaxerxes II had one of the longest reigns of any Achaemenid king (404-358 B.
Robert's interpretation that the original statue was of Ahura-Mazda and served to substantiate the introduction of cult statues by Artaxerxes II, as maintained by Berossus.
Brosius reconsiders the widely held notion, most recently restated by Briant, that the goddesses Artemis Persike and Artemis Anaitis, known in Asia Minor from a variety of Greek sources, were hellenized manifestations of the Persian deity Anahita, first introduced into Persia by Artaxerxes II.
van der Spek treats of the reign of Artaxerxes II from the perspective of the Babylonian cuneiform astronomical diaries.
1) Of the three Achaemenids, Artaxerxes II (404-358 B.
I believe there is an important additional piece of evidence for the religious importance of Artaxerxes II and for his adherence to Zoroastrianism that has been overlooked by Boyce and other scholars.
366 A ii 8, referring to the reign of Artaxerxes II.
Arsekka: perhaps < Iranian *rsan- + -ikka; presumably not Arsakes, but perhaps Greek Arsikas, the given name of Artaxerxes II [see R.