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Synonyms for artwork



Synonyms for artwork

photographs or other visual representations in a printed publication

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There are many online/digital artworks that create parameters which make the visual manifestation of the art possible.
Barnes, these bold and powerful artworks evoke feelings of hope and empowerment.
He also challenges the privileging of the auratic, which places originals before--and above--copies, and suggests that while original artworks continue to have higher market value, thanks to the media reproductions have more power.
Part of the acclaimed "Revolutions" exhibit, featuring works by artists who defined musical culture visually at Forest Lawn-Glendale, "Taken By Storm" features Storm Thorgerson's artwork and the debut of his original stained glass creation of the Pink Floyd "Dark Side of the Moon" album artwork.
MG: The artworks are grounded in the creation of a viewing subject who is also a critical producer.
CHICAGO -- The SIGGRAPH 2005 Art Gallery overall theme of Threading Time will showcase digital artwork that maps or traces threads through time and space.
Strong feelings still swirl around many of these artworks, forestalling hobbyists of "appropriation" and "objecthood.
Based on the Application Service Provider (ASP) model, the ARTWorks software and its data are housed in a central location and accessed by clinics via a secure network.
The new, artificial difference is the true artwork of the avant-garde.
As part of Media Arts Group's growth strategy as an integrated lifestyle marketing organization, the company announced its intentions to open new distribution channels, develop tighter synergy between licensed products and Thomas Kinkade artwork, promote exciting seasonal advertising and promotional campaigns and utilize new internet opportunities.
The language of artworks that require an institutionalized context in order to perform is not unlike the language of fashion: domestic codes dictate how the desired effect is achieved.
Angelina Galiteva, LADWP director of Green LA, said, "The students' artworks are exceptionally creative, colorful and exciting.
These are reproductions of artworks that don't exist, that are sublimated.
CAIRO, Oct 15 (KUNA) -- The State of Kuwait has won 11 prizes out of 86 at the end of Cairo Artworks and Media Mondial that kicked off on October 10, coming in the second place after Egypt in terms of the number of prizes.
However, instead of classifying the crowds at nightclubs and restaurants, Art Now searches for artworks at museums and galleries.