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a school specializing in art

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Art School (11-16 year olds) Wednesday, October 25-Friday, October 27, 10am-3pm Keep your teens and pre-teens busy this summer with our threeday art school.
PS75, book online or at the Laing shop Art School (11-16 year olds) Wednesday 25-Friday 27 October, 10am-3pm Keep your teens and pre-teens busy this summer with our threeday art school.
Good art schools led by great teachers should breed an environment of hypercriticality, collaboration and adaptability among students.
Three art schools of Pakistan participated in this contest - Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture, Karachi School of Arts and Hunner Kada, Islamabad.
The updated edition of this intriguing and beautiful work on the National Art Schools of Cuba provides information on action and awareness generated by the original printing and explores efforts to restore this politically and physically neglected manifestation of the optimism of the early years of the Cuban revolution.
According to the Management Center of Martial Art and Boxing, the number of Anhui martial art schools has declined from over 200 in the 1990's, to less than 60 today.
Art schools in Egypt fall under the auspices of the general state university system.
Brad Buckley and John Conomos' chapter "The Australian Research Council Funding Model Condemns Art Schools to a Bleak Future," focuses on the challenges university art departments face when working within the economic models of funded research.
Their implementation might be seen in the context of a broader administrative regression toward discipline and inflexibility instigated, in part, by the 1968 occupations of two art schools in the United Kingdom.
Lidove skoly umeni (LSU) / People Arts Schools were a distinctive kind of institution established on the basis of the law mentioned starting in the academic year 1961/1962, and involving transformation of the existing basic music and basic art schools.
Satirizing art schools - particularly coming from writer Daniel Clowes, who went to Manhattan's Pratt Institute - is too easy and, for all intents and purposes, pointless.
Turnover at the performing art schools was up 12 per cent to pounds 10.
The mythical Cuban art schools (AR January 2000) are at long last being restored by the original team of architects.
The Art Institutes will supply the modelling, animation and rendering software to a number of design and art schools across North America.
Revolution of Forms: Cuba's Forgotten Art Schools By John A.