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artistic design and manufacture of prints as woodcuts or silkscreens

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Display all the Clip & Save Art Prints on the board, and briefly share this month's Art Print.
Display the Art Print and explain to students that this image is one in a series of 10 prints that Mary Cassatt made during 1890 and 1891.
Dominguez unveiled her art print and signed autographs on June 20 as part of the two-year birthday celebration of Pybus Market.
As this is the final Art Print in this year's theme of emotions in art, give students time to review and reflect on the Art Prints in the series.
In the shops, you could easily pay pounds 10 or more for this fine art print, which measures 20' x 16'.
For consumers or businesses interested in acquiring a free art print (shipping & handling not included), please visit the Art Prints Inc.
Using the Art Print as a guide, model for students how to create a line drawing of a face that fills nearly the entire space.
When they have completed their sketches, instruct them to lay in color with crayon, using only the warm colors that they see in the Art Print.
Gather students around the Art Print and give them a few minutes to study the picture.
Provide context for the Art Print by reading The Dust Bowl, by David Booth (Kids Can Press; 1996) to the class.
In this activity, based on this month's Arts & Activities Art Print, students will get to do just that.
By going to the auction and bidding, anyone can have the chance to donate to an incredibly worthy charity, gain a wonderful art print that they can cherish for the rest of their life, and get a nice tax deduction in the bargain.
Spend a brief amount of time comparing the student portraits to the Art Print.
Keep the Art Print visible as a reference for students.
It is safe to say that most youngsters have never seen a swine like the one featured in this month's Arts & Activities Art Print.