arsenic trioxide

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a white powdered poisonous trioxide of arsenic

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By contrast to the ubiquitous erythrite, which is found in cavity zones and small veins everywhere in the district, cobaltkoritnigite is found preferentially--and never alone--in cavity zones which are rich in arsenolite.
The common associations in this case are cobaltkoritnigite (as small, dark violet masses), arsenolite (as tiny white to pale violet octahedral crystals with prominent adamantine luster) and lavendulan (turquoise-colored spherules in chalcopyrite-bearing zones).
Associated minerals are: melanterite, pickeringite, potassium alum, jarosite, gypsum, arsenolite, sulphur and some unknown minerals.
The mine has produced some excellent specimens of erythrite and heterogenite, and also the first arsenolite and picropharmacolite reported from South Africa.