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a pesticide or drug containing arsenic

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The dichotomy of arsenicals as a potent cancer treatment and a carcinogenic compound is still under intense investigation.
Following the advent of toxic gases such as phosgene and chlorodiphenylarsine during First World War, researchers looking for even more effective agents began studying other arsenicals.
In the beginning, the Sherwin Williams Paint Company (SWPC) sold the organic arsenical line of insecticides including paris green, lead arsenate and others.
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) should phase out use of all arsenical pesticides.
While arsenical skin lesions were found in 122 (4%) of these children, none was found to have skin cancer.
These findings collectively suggested that increased elimination of As from the body, rather than sequestration of As by Zn-induced MT, might be the mechanism for Zn-induced decreased As toxicity, although such sequestration is thought to be the mechanism by which Zn protects against some aspects of the toxicity of Cd and other metals (60), arsenicals induce hepatic MT in vivo (57,72,73), and Zn pre-treatment enhances accumulation of MT in As-treated animals (57, 60).
In conclusion, inorganic arsenicals and their methylation metabolites, [MMA.
In October of 1978 the United States Environmental Protection Agency issued notices of Rebuttable Presumptions Against Registration (RPAR) on creosote, inorganic arsenicals, and pentachlorophenol (PCP).
Chromated copper arsenate belongs to a class of chemicals known as inorganic arsenicals.
Other drugs associated with cardiomyopathy include amphetamine sulfate, arsenicals, catecholamines, ephedrine sulfate, lithium carbonate, and mitomycin C.
They were treated with as much mercury and arsenicals as the government doctors doing the first work in 1932 could get--the only limit on treatment was the availability of drugs.
7 Epigenomic Actions of Environmental Arsenicals 129
1981) and is metabolized to produce monomethylated and dimethylated arsenicals (MMAs and DMAs, respectively).
In 1908, his use of the rabbit model for syphilis led to the development of arsenicals to treat this disease.
Most of my 400-plus papers and reports have been concerned with arsenic in one way or another and cover, for example: the synthesis of simple arsenicals, the speciation of arsenic compounds in plants and animals, the toxicity and carcinogenicity of methylarsenic(III) compounds, the use of quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction to estimate the mobility of arsenic species in environmental compartments, and, most recently, the toxicity of certain Ayurvedic and Chinese medicines.