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Synonyms for arrow

Synonyms for arrow

a mark to indicate a direction or relation


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a projectile with a straight thin shaft and an arrowhead on one end and stabilizing vanes on the other

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Archaeologists told yesterday how burrowing bunnies unearthed arrow heads, flint tools and hide scrapers dating back to the neolithic age.
With power bulges in the bonnet, an air diffuser at the rear and arrow head repeater lamps in the door mirrors, the latest SL, above, looks mean and sophisticated; Stylist switchgear and beautifully crafted leather trim, left.
He was a graduate of Kent High School, and was a WW11 Army Veteran serving in the European Theatre, and received the American Defense Medal and campaign Ribbon with Bronze Arrow Head.
The long leaves - shaped like an arrow head - reach up to 2ft long and are held clear of the ground by 3ft long stems.
Tunisia, coached by the German Eckhard Krautzen, will give a relatively decent performance, but like South Africa (coached by Carlos Queiroz), Tunisia seem to lack the mental and physical strength to be the arrow head of the African World Cup challenge.
The branch was up to 3ft wide in places but tapered into an 8in-long arrow head which pierced Sarah.
Piemonte said that the company will introduce a scenic background engineered knit called Glacier Park, and one printed fleece, also engineered, featuring the American Indian Trading Post blanket, called Arrow Head.
Yaffe on Friday rejected an argument by Arrow head Ray Pistol that Arrow would be damaged irreparably if Vivid released its version of the famous Linda Lovelace film.
It was on the hill that evidence of early settlers in the area was discovered in the form of a stone age flint arrow head that is more than 4,000 years old and a javelin
It is now believed the material, which is about six inches long and attached to a metal arrow head, could be antler or possibly bone from a sea mammal.
1:Red Swirl Hat in Sinamay decorated with arrow head feathers - pounds 150.
The hi-tech scans also failed to solve a 1,700-year-old murder mystery as a 'metallic' object in the neck of a Graeco-Roman mummy, which historians thought was an arrow head, was in fact one of three or four fragments - probably metal - lodged in the base of the skull.
Residents of Wichenford, Worcestershire, were carrying out a series of field walks, land and building surveys when they unearthed Roman and medieval pottery fragments, a stone age flint arrow head and oak and ash trees at the site on Cockshoot Farm.
So once he was free the arrow head was still impaled in his thigh and there was about 20cm of railing protruding from his leg.
Whilst beauty is in the eye of the beholder, with its arrow head design, sharp lines and first in class optional LED headlamps, the new Leon will surely cut a dash in the hatchback market.