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a hydrocarbon containing one or more benzene rings that are characteristic of the benzene series of compounds

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4 Methy12,6-DiMeOphenol acts in conjunction with other aromatic compounds, to reinforce the toast perception.
The formation of aromatic compounds via secondary reactions during pyrolysis has been attributed to either the gas-phase cracking of aliphatic compounds [28], or to Diels-Alder type reactions resulting in the selective concentration of aromatic compounds [21,27].
S8###W2S###Detects alcohol's, partially aromatic compounds, broad range###CO, 100 ppm
In the 1990s, Baglioni's team began replacing pure organic solvents with less toxic, water-based microemulsions of the aromatic compounds.
2] (and/or acetate) in complex anaerobic microbial communities that degrade chlorinated aromatic compounds is also useful because of the key roles that these populations play in sustaining biodegradation of the parent compounds (Becker et al.
Barrel wood contains certain aromatic compounds from the start, just by virtue of being oak, like oak lactones (fresh oak and coconut) and others that get produced or amplified by toasting, like guaiacol (smoky, spicy).
Their topics include naturally occurring biocides in the food industry, antimicrobial secondary metabolites from fungi for food safety, antimicrobial and other beneficial applications of chitosans, native inhibitors of food-borne fungi from plants and microorganisms, antimicrobials from wild edible plants of Nigeria, and the predictive modeling of antimicrobial effects of natural aromatic compounds in model and food systems.
To begin, contributors from Europe and the US overview the aerobic and anaerobic microbiological degradation of aromatic compounds (some of which are major environmental pollutants), derived from the recently completed genomes of environmentally relevant bacteria.
To investigate the overall composition of the oil, each fraction was analysed by capillary column gas chromatography/ mass spectrometry (GC/MS) for the presence of polycyclic aromatic compounds (PAC) in the fraction of aromatics.
Tires will be checked with method ISO 21461, which utilizes NMR and measures bay area protons in polycyclic aromatic compounds (PCA).
IUPAC 11th International Symposium on Novel Aromatic Compounds (ISNA-11), St.
For instance, polar fractions high in quinones were much more potent in inducing cell death, whereas aromatic compounds high in PAHs had a more moderate effect, and aliphatic compounds had no apparent effect.
de Gouw of the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands, it will "have some implications for the interpretation of measurements of aromatic compounds in the atmosphere.
Lignocellulose-derived monomeric sugars and aromatic compounds can serve as a cheap substrates for biotechnological production of numerous value-added chemicals (VAC).
Between 1% to 5% are represented by other components such as minerals, terpenes and aromatic compounds.