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the therapeutic use of aromatic plant extracts and essential oils in baths or massage

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Jacqui Speight, an aromatherapist and former art teacher, was found by other son Jason at the house they shared in Mill Lane, Tettenhall Wood.
Ohri, trained in the UK as a health, beauty and aromatherapist will provide tips on makeup for day and night and ideas on how to coordinate your beauty routines with the right hair and outfits for various occasions.
AROMATHERAPIST Josie Donaldson is heading for the land of the rising sun on a mission to examine the skills of her Far-Eastern colleagues involved in the expanding field of alternative medicine.
Christie got her start as a pharmacist, chemist and aromatherapist at the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy.
Emma Bishop an aromatherapist with a degree in complementary therapies, told about 30 members of the R3 Women in Business group at the Eaton Hotel, Hagley Road, Birmingham, about the history of aromatherapy, massage and well being.
Aromatherapist Jan Merser did the chest waxing for free and said she wanted to donate some of the charity cash towards Darlington youngster Kaylie King.
After 15 years of research, leading aromatherapist Marie Sommerville and her daughter, Anna Price, have developed Mozzy Off, a 100 per cent natural formula which has been proven to be just as effective at keeping midges and mosquitoes at bay as harsh chemical-based products - but without the nasty side effects.
I would especially like to thank the visitors, who enjoyed a range of activities including a lecture from Emma Case, from Baileys Feeds, Dawn Clow, a horse aromatherapist.
As an aromatherapist and aesthetician who has worked with people for the past 12 years, she created Chill-Out ``out of necessity.
Healthful Hints," a monthly newsletter from Juliana Lipe, the company's founder and a certified aromatherapist, gives company news and progress.
Aromatherapy has been successfully applied in many unusual settings," says Karen Flam, aromatherapist and spokesperson for the National Association for Holistic.
Since that time Nicole Zybczynski, owner of White Fawn Herbal Soaps became a Certified Aromatherapist and a Certified Health Coach featuring her online store, www.
Another tip to promote hair growth was provided by Aromatherapist Dr Blossom Kochchar, who said that people struggling with hair fall should apply a mixture of castor and sweet almond oil on the scalp with cotton and massage using light pressure of fingertips.