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the therapeutic use of aromatic plant extracts and essential oils in baths or massage

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A qualified aromatherapist will select from a variety of 50 to 80 oils following a detailed consultation with a client.
She worked in several hospitals, including Velindre Hospital in Whitchurch, Cardiff, helping people with physical disabilities, before deciding to train as an aromatherapist and she took over at Fragrant 227 a year ago.
Aromatherapist Judith White says: "Sandalwood, patchouli and ylang-ylang can give dark hair lustre and shine.
However, there is nothing to prevent an aromatherapist setting up shop without signing up to the AOC and there is no control over the products they use or sell.
Tonight masseuse and aromatherapist Jan lines up her ideal home.
Mums-to-be need more pampering than most, which is why aromatherapist Katie Whitehouse has developed the Natalia range by Vital Touch, using soothing organic essential oils.
There will also be an aromatherapist who can explain how aromatherapy can relieve some of the side effects of giving up.
Neighbours described her as hardworking and she was known for her work as an Avon cosmetics representative and had recently started working as an aromatherapist.
Centre manager Sandy Taylor said: "My youngest customer is an aromatherapist in her early 20s and the oldest is over 60.
Jackie Walton is a qualified aromatherapist, reflexologist, reiki practitioner and nurse
As does a car hire firm in Gwent, an aromatherapist in Northampton, a decorator in Liverpool.
When the aromatherapist jumped from the smashed vehicle to confront 18-stone Morris, 39, he towered over her shouting and bawling as her pregnant 17-year-old daughter looked on in horror.
US lawyers last night said Hagan, aged 50, an aromatherapist from Bedmond, Hertfordshire, and 47-year-old Croft, a chartered accountant from Totnes, Devon, had been released from prison.
Aromatherapist Roy Gunn, who runs a course aimed at using essential oils safely in the home, said: "There is a tendency for untrained people to use a bit extra in the mistaken belief it will be more effective.
CONTACT aromatherapist Caroline Minnis at Caromacare Holistic Body Treatments and Remedies on 01273 570550 or visit www.