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United States writer (1902-1973)


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At that time, Tolson's poetic reputation rested entirely on Rendezvous with America, published in 1944, which included the much reprinted "Dark Symphony," awarded first prize four years earlier by judges Langston Hughes, Arna Bontemps, and Frank Marshall Davis in a national contest sponsored by the American Negro Exposition.
One of the most interesting aspects of research into Means's work is the exchange of letters between her and Arna Bontemps in which she asks Bontemps for assistance in the creation of dialogue for her characters.
ARNA BONTEMPS MIGHT BE SAID TO HAVE BECOME CONSCIOUS OF HIMSELF early on as a Southern writer of sorts, a designation less common among scholars than that of "African American author.
Gaines, William Faulkner, Tennessee Williams, Lillian Hellman, Katherine Anne Porter, Margaret Walker, William Styron, and Arna Bontemps.
He describes how such writers as Conrad Aiken, Nelson Algren, Saul Bellow, Arna Bontemps, Edward Dahlberg, Studs Terkel, Zora Neale Hurston, John Cheever, Richard Wright, Ralph Ellison, Anzia Yezierska and Harold Rosenburg wrote WPA books that served as histories and guides to the culture and people of different parts of the US.
In the WPA, a long list of black writers, for example Wright, Margaret Walker, Shirley Graham Du Bois, Ralph Ellison, Frank Yerby, Theodore Ward, Frank Marshall Davis, Arna Bontemps, and Sterling Brown, could imagine themselves as writers and develop their craft within a cadre of practicing professional writers.
The musical ran for only 113 performances when it opened in 1946--with Pearl Bailey making her Broadway debut and a book by the Harlem Renaissance writers Arna Bontemps and Countee Cullen.
Joining Cullen in this literary transition, were Arna Bontemps, Langston Hughes, Pulitzer Prize-winning Gwendolyn Brooks, and later Maya Angelou, Alice Walker and Ishmael Reed, among other published poets.
Henry, Lafcadio Hearn, Truman Capote, Arna Bontemps, Ishmael Reed, Walker Percy, and Andrei Codrescue.
He maintained extensive correspondence with other writers like Arna Bontemps.
But as Green persuasively argues, the event drew nationwide attention to Chicago as a center for black life (such prominent figures as Langston Hughes, Arna Bontemps, and Duke Ellington participated) and became essentially a "rehearsal for more sustained imaginative enterprises within Black Chicago in years to come" (41).
He also became acquainted with the up-and-coming leaders of the black literati like Arna Bontemps who worked, like Thurman, as a postal clerk.
As with many black literary anthologies, Wilson gathers many of the "usual suspects" of the Harlem Renaissance such as Langston Hughes, Zora Neale Hurston, Nella Larsen and Arna Bontemps.
Although Hughes was once advised by Arna Bontemps to "stop fooling around with theatre," he never could take the advice of his good friend.
It is not surprising then to find that Arna Bontemps, when researching slave narratives before writing his historical novel of slavery, Black Thunder (1936), rejected Nat Turner's rebellion as the basis for his novel because he was uneasy about "the business of Nat's 'visions' and 'dreams' " ("Introduction" xii).