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a marksman who shoots at people from a concealed place

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In city or desert, army snipers spend hours planning and setting up their positions, often under cover of darkness.
The IRA has vowed to track down the Army snipers who opened fire from the roof of a timber yard in the Springhill area of Belfast.
Army snipers in Bosnia and presented an introduction to small arms close quarters battle marksmanship to all 11 forward operating bases of the 1st Armored Division in Iraq.
Witnesses reported relentless mortar attacks on civilians, while many were shot in the street by army snipers.
Red Army snipers hunted in pairs, one spotting and one firing.
IRISH Army snipers were drafted in to put down an unregistered herd of cattle, it has emerged.
Irish Army snipers, an Army helicopter and a Garda spotter plane were used in a bid to track down the elusive cat after sightings around the border in the summer of 2004.
Irish Army snipers were drafted in to hunt down the dangerous animal nicknamed the Border Black Cat.
ARMY snipers were sent into a small country village yesterday in search of a dangerous wild puma nicknamed the "Border Black Cat".
GARDAI asked for help from army snipers amid fears terrorists would take hostages in Ireland, a confidential memo reveals.
The parliament complex was immediately sealed off with army snipers posted on rooftops.
ARMY snipers are on stand-by to take to the hills of Dumfries and Galloway and shoot sheep in a desperate bid to stop the disease.
He also hit back at Tartan Army snipers who said Scotland would be better off without him.
Her next trip took in Belfast city centre, another security nightmare with Diana diving into rapturous crowds, shaking hands and accepting bouquets under rooftops bristling with army snipers.
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