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an agency of the United States Army responsible for providing timely and relevant and accurate and synchronized intelligence to tactical and operational and strategic level commanders

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Army Intelligence and Security Command meet its operational challenges.
In another example, a major DCGS-A subcontractor, General Dynamics, hired Lynn Schnurr, a key backer of the system while she was chief information officer for Army intelligence.
Agency : The Army Intelligence and Security Command
The American army intelligence said in this warning that "because of the constant threats launched by the (IS) organization in media and in social networks belong to it, we call on the military and government personnel and their family members to exercise caution and vigilance and report any suspicious activities.
Army intelligence officer Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Shaffer said Mohammed Atta and three other hijackers were identified more than a year before the Twin Towers attacks.
Mike Reid, Army Intelligence Center and School DRM, installed the new Cochise Chapter Board of Directors for chapter year 2004-2005.
The father of six, who denies he was an Army intelligence agent, said death threats and attacks on his home have forced him to become a hermit.
ambassador to Honduras, Negroponte helped conceal from Congress the human rights abuses of a CIA-equipped Honduran secret army intelligence unit, Battalion 316.
The 10 suspects were handed over by Army Intelligence.
Army intelligence officers doctored bullets used in a loyalist gun attack on the West Belfast MP in March 1984 before the assassination attempt took place, according to a Sunday newspaper.
The women portray three military nurses, a Red Cross worker, an entertainer and an Army intelligence officer.
Odom, is a former general who headed Army intelligence and then directed the National Security Agency.
Now an Army intelligence officer, he is facing disciplinary action because he chose to report human-rights violations while serving with the U.
As a senior civilian, he led the Army Intelligence Master Plan Office planning Army intelligence transformation.
Summary: An Army Intelligence patrol Friday evening arrested a Lebanese citizen in Nabatieh for allegedly marketing counterfeit dollar bills.
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