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United States astronaut

United States pioneering jazz trumpeter and bandleader (1900-1971)

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It is quite true, as this fellow says," explained Royce, "that Miss Armstrong fainted with a knife in her hand.
I was called a clever man once, and might have been a happy one; Armstrong saved the remains of a brain and body from the taverns, and was always kind to me in his own way, poor fellow
Sir," said Alice Armstrong in a low tone to the priest, "can I speak to you alone for a moment?
It leapt upon poor Armstrong prematurely, and by this morning he was in such a case that he sat here and cried he was in hell, in so crazy a voice that his daughter did not know it.
This is just such a shock,'' said Linda Haase, who lives on a ranch near the Armstrongs.
Donald Armstrong, a second-generation orange grower who helped open Pacific Rim markets to other area farmers, was found by firefighters in a hallway of his ranch house, in the 800 block of Ventura Street, where he collapsed while trying to flee the 11 p.
His wife, Deborah Armstrong, 47, was found in the living room, and was pronounced dead at the scene from severe burns and smoke inhalation.
The Armstrongs report that their costs have increased dramatically in relation to revenue.
Over-capacity in the industry - Report on Business reported an increase of 3,753 trucks in Ontario from 1986 to 1988 - has also forced carriers such as the Armstrongs to become more customer-driven.