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the smuggling of guns and ammunition into a country secretly and illegally

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Sensing the increased risk of arms trafficking via sea, it was decided that the Coast Guard and the Navy too should be alerted.
The Obama administration has said that the negotiations aimed only to limit Iran's nuclear activities and that sanctions targeting Iran's missile program and arms trafficking were essentially punishments for non-compliance over nuclear issues.
Horchani announced the installation of protection and control equipment to prevent arms trafficking and infiltration.
Arms trafficking out of Libya is fueling terrorism in multiple conflicts, U.
A FORMER police officer arrested in connection with the killing of a British engineer and his family is suspected of arms trafficking, French investigators said yesterday.
Published -- Monday 3 February 2014A Bangladesh court on Thursday awarded death sentence to 14 people for arms trafficking in the country about a decade ago.
Kylycdaroy-lu: MyT not tasked with arms trafficking
The summit will also discuss supporting the progress made in the peace-building , reconstruction and development in the period of post-conflict in two regions, and the emphasis on the strong commitment to the comprehensive reform of the UN system, including the Security Council, and enhancing the agricultural cooperation and investment and the elimination of discrimination against women, as well as the emphasis on taking a strict position against terrorism in all its forms and organized crime, drug trafficking, piracy and illicit arms trafficking.
The Sahel region has become an open space for different terrorist groups, and drugs and arms trafficking networks threaten the security of the whole region," Moroccan Foreign Minister Salaheddine Mezouar told delegates.
David Greenhalgh, a British with reported business interests in Uganda, South Sudan, Sudan, Macedonia and the United Kingdom is suspected by Interpol to be involved in arms trafficking.
He underlined the importance of anti-narcotics campaign and countering human and arms trafficking, saying, "The two countries are expected to form joint committees for implementation of the agreement.
From drug-trafficking to arms trafficking, to terrorist and kidnapping activities, these plagues abound in the region, and are a recipe of a time-bomb endangering international security and US interests, he concluded in his testimony titled "conflict and instability in the Sahara and the Sahel: local dilemmas, international implications".
Larayedh insisted "the majority of arms caches" belonging to Tunisia's jihadist groups had been seized and that there were "no arms trafficking networks" in the country, only "isolated individuals" who supply them with weapons.
According to the report, the 94-page report by the panel detailed arms trafficking cases that violate the embargo imposed after the 2011 uprising began as well as efforts to track down the financial assets of individuals and companies linked to former leader Muammar Gaddafi and his regime that are on the U.
The kidnappers told reporters they were demanding the release of four people held over arms trafficking.