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an industry that manufacturers weapons of war

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Edward Santiago, country director of Save the Children in Yemen, said: "The UK prides itself on being a world leader in responding to humanitarian crises - yet its reluctance to publicly condemn the human cost of conflict in Yemen gives the impression that diplomatic relations and arms sales trump the lives of Yemen's children.
The United States imposed the ban on security assistance, including arms sales, to Bahrain in 2011, when the government's crackdown on peaceful demonstrators left dozens dead and hundreds wounded or arrested.
Chinese arms sales to Iran fell off sharply around 2000," said Richard Bitzinger, senior fellow at the S.
Arms sales also are a way of boosting the US economy, and the deal with Qatar is expected to produce up to 54,000 jobs, according to estimates cited by Pentagon officials.
While Iran has denied that this shipment came from Iran, military officers in the Islamic Republic regularly boast publicly that dozens of foreign countries like Iranian arms and buy them in quantity--thereby simply ignoring the UN embargo on arms sales.
Even though bodies such as the United Nations and European Union at times ban arms sales to certain nations, a report of 2006 demonstrated that Britain "had exported weapons to nineteen of the twenty countries listed as 'countries of major concern.
While well presented, this article would have been better had the author been more straightforward on Option 1 and included recommendations for Chinese policymakers regarding predicaments with the Taiwan Relations Act of 1979 (TRA) and US arms sales to Taiwan.
MOSCOW, Safar 4, 1434, Dec 17, 2012, SPA -- Russian arms sales will exceed $14 billion in 2012, more than $500 million over its forecast, UPI quoted Russian President Vladimir Putin as saying.
Top 10 arms companies COMPANY COUNTRY ARMS SALES ARMS SALES ARMS SALES 2009 2010 % OF TOTAL SALES 2010 1 Lockheed Martin US 35,730 33,430 78 2 BAE Systems UK 32,880 32,540 95 3 Boeing US 31,360 32,300 49 4 Northrop Grumman US 28,150 27,000 81 5 General Dynamics US 23,940 23,380 74 6 Raytheon US 22,980 23,080 91 s BAE Systems Inc.
Summary: David Cameron has embarked on a three-day tour of the Gulf and Middle East in a bid to cement major UK arms sales and bolster relations with key allies in the region.
British Prime Minister David Cameron hoped to spur arms sales on Monday as he kicked off a tour of the Gulf in the UAE.
The deals, disclosed in a Russian government document issued at a meeting between Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, give Russia a big boost at a time when the future of its arms sales to Libya and Syria is uncertain.
The surge in weapons sales is driven by major arms sales to Persian Gulf allies concerned about Iran's regional ambitions, the report prepared by the non-partisan Congressional Research Service, a division of the Library of Congress, revealed.
On the arms sales, our position, which we've articulated before, is that we have a longstanding, important, security relationship with Bahrain.
85 billion arms sales to Taiwan, the official Xinhua news agency reported.