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The Waddesdon paintings closely match contemporary accounts of the decor, which included pilasters of light lapis lazuli inlaid with gold, the arms of France supported by winged and trumpeting figures, mirrors in gilded frames below painted scenes of putti holding lilies, a frieze with swags of roses held up by more putti--all topped with layers of elaborate arches and a 'woven' (tessuto) ceiling with festoons of naturalistically coloured roses.
A banner proclaiming the "noble trinity" of King, mother and sister, one in desire, is held over the Arms of France by seraphim in a scene presided over by the infant Christ and a host of angels.
This marvellous thing carries the arms of France in its decoration and has some beautiful ormolu mouldings obviously from a fine artist.
There are Bourbon lilies everywhere, the arms of France and Lucca and of the provinces of France emblazoned on heraldic shields, standing figures of celestial warriors, while the heroes of French history--Gaston de Foix, Bayard, Olivier de Clisson and Xaintrailles--standing guard over the caskets painted with twenty famous women including Ste Radegonde and Joan of Arc.
and into the arms of France and Real Madrid soccer star Christian Karembeu.