arms industry

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an industry that manufacturers weapons of war

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The man is being held by the judge in Charleroi on suspicion of arms dealing," a spokesman for Belgium's federal prosecution said.
A consensus was reached during their joint meeting on adding a dash to Article 31 criminalising arms dealing, storage and manufacture and banning the possession of weapons of categories 1 and 2, under the law 69-33 setting out the conditions of import, dealing, possession and carrying of arms.
Last night the 36-year-old tycoon denied arms dealing.
A British pensioner who was extradited to America to face charges of arms dealing has been released on bail.
In a nutshell: Instructive, but rarely interesting look at modern arms dealing.
Summary: British businessman Christopher Tappin extradited to the United States while he awaits trial on arms dealing charges has been denied bail.
The wife of retired British businessman Christopher Tappin extradited to the United States has described it is as "heartbreaking" that he will be kept behind bars while he awaits trial on arms dealing charges.
Libya and Yugoslavia have a long history of arms dealing,'' said a senior European military official, ``and this continued after the breakup of Yugoslavia and even during the war directed against the Muslims by the Serbs.
Summary: A retired British businessman extradited to the United States for alleged arms dealing has arrived in Texas.
In the report, Melman had criticized Tel Aviv for remaining silent on arms dealings and co-operation with Arab states, saying that it would be beneficial for Israel if the evolving relationship was more overt.
While its intentions are laudable - showing the destruction caused by these arms dealings - ``Lord of War'' misfires.
He says his arms dealings are legal, that he kept the British police informed of all his deals and that he had done no business in India.