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(used of arms and legs) bent outward with the joint away from the body

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The great man put his arms akimbo, the backs of his big hands resting on his hips.
And this dreadful blacksmith with his arms akimbo, laughing,--oh, isn't he ugly?
These things were served by as plump and buxom a lass as you could find in all the land, so that Little John, who always had an eye for a fair lass, even when meat and drink were by, stuck his arms akimbo and fixed his eyes upon her, winking sweetly whenever he saw her looking toward him.
It was impossible for her to begin in time, and as she patiently waited, arms akimbo and ears straining for the music, the house let loose again (a favorite trick, she afterward learned, of confusing the amateur by preventing him or her from hearing the orchestra).
O'Dowd put herself with arms akimbo before the bedroom door.
Mr Blandois shook his right forefinger towards the sick room, and his left forefinger towards the portrait, and then, putting his arms akimbo and striding his legs wide apart, stood smiling down at Mr Flintwinch with the advancing nose and the retreating moustache.
The carving of the back gradually assumed the lineaments and expression of an old, shrivelled human face; the damask cushion became an antique, flapped waistcoat; the round knobs grew into a couple of feet, encased in red cloth slippers; and the whole chair looked like a very ugly old man, of the previous century, with his arms akimbo.
Under the gateway of the extremely ugly tenement house, which hides the Pavilion and the garden from the street, the wife of the porter was waiting with her arms akimbo.
Now, then, mister," said he, with his head cocked and his arms akimbo, "what are you driving at?
The cosmic mix that'll be with you for some weeks to come stirs you to express yourself, whether that's with a paintbrush, a microphone or with arms akimbo, telling it how it is, or in some cases, on bended knee, ring in hand.
In the past I have sprayed my armpits with super strength hair spray and walked around with arms akimbo as if waiting to scrum down.
Within the linguini-like bed of porcelain ribbon are lobster claws with human arms akimbo.
Other works, such as Chatter, sprout thin handles to either side, suggesting figures with arms akimbo.
The daughter races downstairs, arms akimbo, hair flying.
She clicked her tongue and stood before him, arms akimbo.