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Described by General Dynamics UK as a 'step change' in armoured vehicles, Ajax will incorporate six variants designed to make it a highly-agile, tracked and medium weight armoured fighting vehicle.
It was time to engage a serious engineering effort in favour of true armoured fighting vehicles with mine protection.
The six soldiers, five from 3rd Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment and one from 1st Battalion The Duke of Lancaster's Regiment, were on a mounted patrol when their Warrior armoured fighting vehicle was caught in an explosion.
Lieutenant Colonel Gordon Mackenzie, spokesman for Task Force Helmand, said: "The six soldiers, five from the 3rd Battalion the Yorkshire Regiment and one from the 1st Battalion The Duke of Lancaster's, were on patrol in a Warrior armoured fighting vehicle when it was caught in an explosion in the Task Force Helmand area of operations.
A variety of vehicles, from classic sports cars to modern road racing motorcycles, armoured fighting vehicles and a 100mph JCB road digger, will be displayed, while a succession of power boats will be demonstrated in Salthouse Dock and the Breitling Wing Walkers air display team will perform over the River Mersey.
The young father was driving a Warrior armoured fighting vehicle in the Al Fursi district of Basra city when he was killed.
That is what is told to people on the armoured fighting vehicle training although Mr Wilson may never have never done that training.
Two days after the bizarre evening, I bumped in to the fake Frida and Agnetha in the back of a Warrior armoured fighting vehicle.
General Dynamics UK continues to develop Scout SV, a best-in-class armoured fighting vehicle, with further prototype platforms to be delivered shortly; and we continue to grow the highly-skilled team at Oakdale, which is delivering this important programme for the British Army.
Jake Hartley, Anthony Frampton and Danny Wilford all died after their Warrior Armoured Fighting Vehicle was caught in a massive explosion in Helmand.
Most of the participants have already been named, from a 1950s Lister Jaguar to a modern Le Mans Bentley and a Warrior armoured fighting vehicle, plus powerboats and an aerobatic display.
The workers at the armoured fighting vehicle factory on Scotswood Road have loyally backed up the efforts of our forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.
The Oto Melara Hitfact 105-mm anti-tank turret (bottom) has recently been put through its paces in Portugal onboard a Pandur II medium armoured fighting vehicle (see our supplement shipped with this issue of Armada International).
As the soldiers came across an Armoured Fighting Vehicle, struck by a roadside bomb, Paul, of B (Rorke's Drift) Company 2nd Battalion Royal Welsh, bravely went beyond the call of duty to recover the Warrior.
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