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Opposing anti- and pro-war fronts linked respectively to the Arminian Remonstrant and Orthodox Counter-Remonstrant religious sects shaped the political climate of the Netherlands during this period.
47) While Hale's views on soteriology later moved in an Arminian direction, most of the doctrine relating to law in the Discourse continued into his later thought, including the Law of Nature.
points to the use of the antipelagian works in the Baianist controversy in Catholic Leuven and the Arminian controversy in Calvinist Leiden.
Instead, it is possible to hold Arminian and Calvinist approaches in a dynamic intellectual tension.
Just as some members of the eighteenth-century Ulster-Scots community combined a new political radicalism with a traditional Arminian theology, in Hamilton's attitudes towards female education we see scriptural teachings married to a liberal feminist agenda.
Indeed, "in all the great Feasts of the Town, the chiefest Discourse at Table did ordinarily fall upon Arminian Points.
McCall is an evangelical of the Arminian persuasion who teaches systematica at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerheld, 111.
The Twelve Articles, however, include many creative theological ideas, particularly in the shift in ideas from Calvinistic to Arminian, universalist and ecumenical.
He suggests two possible reasons for the "anomaly" Milton's Arminian views and his preference for the ethical proofs of classical rhetoric.
In the eighteenth century, Arminian (mostly latitudinarian Anglican) critiques of predestination filtered into the colonies, even into New England, producing a predestinarian backlash that colored the revivalism of the Great Awakening.
20) The latter may not elicit much opposition from Pentecostals with their Arminian tendencies, but the former stands in sharp contrast to both the Reformation assurance of faith and the Wesleyan and Pentecostal emphasis on the witness of the Spirit as the confirmation of faith.
Their topics include the problem of intellectual reform, synchronic contingency and the significance of Cornelis Elleboogius' Disputationes de Tetragrammato to the analysis of his life and work, Melanchthonian thought in Gisbertus Voetilus' scholastic doctrine of God, justification by faith and the early Arminian controversy, omniscient and eternal God, Edwardsian theodicy, and why a trinitarian dynamics requires open scholasticism.
These hymn writers had crafted lyrics to articulate Arminian theology (that Jesus died for all people, not just the elect).
Supporting the Arminian John Buckeridge's dispute with Thomas Morton over the doctrinal legitimacy of the largely Calvinist Dortrecht articles of 1618, Dean Frances White of Carlisle asked whether predestinarians in Holy Communion could "say to all communicants whatsoever, 'The Body of Our Lord which was given for thee,' as we are bound to say?
The Ashley River Baptists were far more Calvinistic than many of their South Carolina contemporaries, holding firm to the sublime concept of predestination and rejecting the Arminian or free will version of the faith.