Armillariella mellea

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a honey-colored edible mushroom commonly associated with the roots of trees in late summer and fall

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Studies on the inhibition of seed germination of Gastrodia elata B1 by Armillaria mellea Qui.
Nature of the "black line" produced between different biological species of the Armillaria mellea complex.
The oak trees suffering from drought were attacked by the mushroom Armillaria mellea.
Fermentation of (-)-trans-sobrerol (227) with Armillaria mellea afforded (4R)-7-hydroxy-p-menthan-1-en-6-one (228) and (4R)-7-hydroxy-p-menthan-6-one (229) (Draczynska Lusiak and Siewinski 1991), as described in Scheme 70.
All three of these symptoms tell me that the hedge is almost certainly dying a painful death from the effects of Armillaria mellea, the Honey Fungus or Bootlace fungus that is so common on woody subjects.
Over the last three to four years the RHS has been carrying out research on whether bark and wood chip mulches do encourage the development and spread of Armillaria mellea.