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Therefore, armed security guards have also been provided to the presiding officers so that they could transport and shift the election material without any hazard.
The contract is to provide services to the Purchaser - complex of military facilities belonging to the Naval Academy (AMW) by specialist armed security (SUFO) for the physical protection of persons and property, carried out in accordance with the law on the protection of persons and property ( The unified text: Journal of Laws of 2005 no.
The Connecticut Armed Security Officer “Blue Card” Courses are held on a scheduled and on-demand basis also in New Milford.
Wallace went on to argue that the NRA's armed security plan would not protect vulnerable children "in the shopping mall, in the movie theater, on the street.
including "a woman decorating for a children's Christmas party at a tiny church hall": All churches must have armed security officers.
Armed security personnel can also be seen patrolling in crowded market areas near the temple.
I'm not sure how I will respond when Joey is standing before me; I'm told that there will be armed security on hand," said Fisher.
Unaware that they were targeting an armed security guard, the carjackers began pulling Lyttle out of the SUV.
She told the programme that none of the participating nations were bringing their own armed security personnel with them.
UK Transport Secretary Alistair Darling said a "gold standard" protocol governing the use of sky marshals will be drawn up to address the opposition to armed security on flights to the US.
Malaysia Airlines will place armed security guards on some flights to the US following a directive from the Malaysian government.
Bar-coded photo identifications, surveillance cameras and around-the-clock armed security guards.
The first group of armed security guards for Australian commercial aircraft will complete their training this weekend and immediately take up posts, the government said Tuesday.
But Warwickshire Police said: "We are very concerned about any armed security there may be at this event.
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