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(New Testament) the scene of the final battle between the kings of the Earth at the end of the world

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any catastrophically destructive battle

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CASEY Affleck - Ocean's Eleven, Good Will Hunting - and brother Ben - Pearl Harbor, Armaggedon - are two of the most enduring sibling actors working today.
SO the Billingham area has been visited by travellers, departing as quickly as they arrive and leaving the area something akin to Armaggedon.
Carlson (10) Carlson points out that, while the real New Testament counsels all Christians to pray for peace, these evangelical Christians pray for war--the final battle Armaggedon after which, they believe, Jesus will return.
These conflicts will lead up to the final battle at Armaggedon, where Jesus will triumph over the Antichrist and establish his reign.
As yesterday's Independent suggested: "The King George is a symbol for the turf in the modern era, an Armaggedon for the two biggest forces in world racing.
In cinema, it manifested itself in the likes of asteroid disaster movies Armaggedon and Deep Impact, and the apocalyptic End of Days, in which Arnold Schwarzenegger (for whom no challenge is too tough apparently) takes on and beats the Prince of Darkness himself.
Suffer And Bain agrees with SPL chief Neil Doncaster that financial Armaggedon is on the horizon if the status quo remains.