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a quasi nongovernmental organization

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Chairman of world leading architectural firm Aedas, Keith Griffiths, which has worked on transport infrastructure projects across the world such as the Dubai Metro, said the delivery of the metro had to be via an arm's length body and with legal powers to acquire land to make way for its preferred route.
Dr Crawley praised the Welsh Government's handling of Cardiff Airport, bought in March last year for PS52m, saying: "I actually think the strategy Cardiff University they've used by setting up an independent arm's length body with expertise, with people on it who know what they're doing [is] exactly the right thing.
The PPA, which is an arm's length body of the Department of Health, employs about 50 people in its financial services department at Bridge House and it's thought around half will be affected.
The chiefs wanted a truly independent arm's length body that could fairly and impartially resolve disputes, something they believed the joint task force had successfully designed.
In time, the new arm's length body, independent from government, will award most GCSEs, A-levels and the revised Welsh Baccalaureate.