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Synonyms for harlequin

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a clown or buffoon (after the Harlequin character in the commedia dell'arte)

variegate with spots or marks

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E il re dei diavoli di questo inferno altri non poteva essere che il secondo zanni incarnato da Tristano: "di buona statura, agile e flessuoso," con indosso una specie di ipercolorata tuta aderente che--assecondandone la "muscolatura 'esplosiva'"--esalta la sua bravura tecnica, "lo zanni fatto Arlecchino diventa vertiginoso padrone e signore dello spazio e dell'aria" (78).
The cooking at Arlecchino is in the traditional style, with an authenticity you'll struggle to find anywhere else in the city.
To position my argument theoretically: the Arlecchino of commedia synthesizes several traditions about fools in folklore, myth, medieval drama, and sixteenth-century styles of playing, both in theaters and on the piazze.
Late in his career, he also tried his hand at opera, completing Die Brautwahl (1911), Arlecchino (1917 and Turandot (1917).
Anche il goldoniano Arlecchino, servitore di due padroni messo in scena da Giorgio Strehler con il Piccolo Teatro di Milano nel 1948, poi ripreso in varie edizioni e rappresentato in tutto il mondo, (7) malgrado si presenti, come ha osservato Dario Fo, "come una straordinaria macchina comica" (39) non e nato da una tradizione vivente o da una precisa idea registica.
This speaking-while-dancing points to a kind of stage presence reminiscent of Arlecchino in the commedia dell'arte or of Tarlton and Kemp in the Elizabethan jig.
Le connotazioni diaboliche che troviamo in Pulcinella si riscontrano altresi in altre figure comiche, nelle mitologie che le riguardano e nei comportamenti che esse esplicitano: dall'aldila si immaginavano venuti i buffoni sacri delle Americhe, un demone era Arlecchino e diabolico era l'universo delle maschere della Commedia dell'Arte.
The second night was devoted to a double bill of 20th-century takes on the commedia dell' arte: Stravinsky's Pulcinella (1920), a ballet with eight vocal numbers, and Busoni's Arlecchino (1917).
Mi viene in mente, in proposito, una bellissima situazione in cul Arlecchino veste i panni del giudice e fa la satira del giudice.
At press time, Die Silbersee (Weill), Rusalka (Dvorak) and a double bill of Arlecchino (Busoni) and Pulcinella (Stravinsky) were announced for the May 31-June 17 2007 Wexford Festival.
In the basic plot scheme the interplay between stock characters like Pantalone, Pulcinella, and Arlecchino hampers the successful pair bonding of pairs of unwed youths.
La boheme, Les contes d'Hoffmann and Werther are in the discography, but these are comparatively rare examples from the 19th century mainstream next to Strauss's Salome and Ariadne auf Naxos, Debussy's unfinished Rodrigue et Chimene, Busoni's Doktor Faust and Arlecchino, Prokofiev's L'Amour des trois oranges, Britten's Billy Budd, Poulenc's Dialogue des Carmelites, Stravinsky's The Rake's Progress, Floyd's Susannah, Adams's Death of Klinghoffer and Eotvos's Drei Schwestern.
This is probably most apparent when he meets other artists, when he appears to the marionettes like a long-awaited savior (and does save Arlecchino from death), when they welcome and celebrate him.
A few of their specialty masks are: 'Eyes Wide Shut' masks and Commedia dell' Arte theater masks including characters such as Arlecchino or Harlequin, Columbina, Pantalone, Zanni, Bauta and the Plague Doctor.
However, a pair of clever servants, Arlecchino and Franceshina, devise a cunning plot that leads to the lovers being reunited and betrothed and Pantalone getting his comeuppance: Arlecchino helps Flavio to disguise himself as a rich Turkish merchant looking for a wife.