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Mae ei cyn ffrind gorau Dafydd yn trio perswadio Daniel i weld y ffordd iawn ond yn y diwedd mae Daniel a'r Arkies yn gorfodi Dafydd i ymuno e'r criw.
Dust Bowl Ballads, the editors of the Brooklyn Eagle suggested in 1940, "tell a moving story as only Singer Guthrie can tell it--with true understanding of the plight of the 'Oakies,' the Arkies, and the Texies.
The company owes a total of about $300,000 to Arkies.
Some may also remember that two other Arkies are at the firm--retired Gen.
Arkies, will you wake up and smell what's left of freedom and individual responsibility, and understand that the Huckabees, Hanleys, Roberts, Rosses are busily destroying your family unit, your child's mind, and picking your pockets to do it?