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a native or resident of Arkansas


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Nonetheless, there are still many Arkansans who are uninsured and many who live in underserved areas without access to dental care.
Here's the full letter from the Arkansans contingent:
The court was shown CCTV footage of Arkansan with a group who huddled to light a firework, which was then fired towards a group of youngsters, who were queuing for an under 18 event at a nightclub in Broad Street in November.
A Piece of My Soul: Quilts by Black Arkansans by Cuesta Benberry with an introducing by Raymond G.
As Arkansan after Arkansan has died, resigned, or been demoted--Vincent Foster, Jr.
Arkansans with diabetes are learning how to control their disease instead of being controlled by it.
I'm a lifelong Arkansan, with children born and raised here.
EVERSTART-TOUR/OPER-BASS)(OPBAS) Arkansan Takes First Day Lead in EverStart Challenge Bass Meet; Anglers Compete for $227,550 (BW1417 18:44)
We are pleased to have this native Arkansan on staff to lead the station in the future," Walker said.
We estimate that fewer than 20 percent of Arkansans of low to modest means go to attorneys for help.
Fifteen percent of Arkansans were conservative Democrats in 2008 -- four percentage points higher than the national rate, and a substantial share of the Democratic base.
Available to all Arkansans, Smart911 allows citizens to create a free, secure Safety Profile online that contains important information about their household.
The board is committed to moving low-income Arkansans from poverty to prosperity and knows that HOPE will put our money to work supporting affordable housing, business development, and other services in distressed areas.
What: Paris Hilton remains mainly clothed and impassively looks down her elegantly aquiline nose at Arkansans.