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Synonyms for Arizonan

a native or resident of Arizona


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It seems the law is popular with Arizonans and resonates with many Americans in the other 49 states, many of who are fed up with federal inaction on immigration reform.
THOUGH THE ODDS are great that he will run in 2008, in late August of that year he will turn 72, a year older than Ronald Reagan was upon becoming President, making the Arizonan the oldest person to become president.
The plucky Arizonan comes across as a woman who holds herself above the fray.
The 5-year-old thoroughbred, bred in Kentucky, owned by a Saudi Arabian prince, raced originally in France and England, trained in the Los Angeles area for most of the year by a Brooklynite, and ridden by an Arizonan, has turned into a classic horse for the course in North San Diego County.
John Kavanagh that gives Arizonan consumers more access to credit through legal and regulated loans, the company said.
McCain lashed back today at the Post after Solomon wrote that the Arizonan, who has campaigned against the use of "soft money," is using those types of funds in his GOP presidential nomination.
At a time when Eisenhower was hugely popular and Goldwater desperately needed his support for a shaky reelection bid, the Arizonan nonetheless went to the Senate floor and unleashed a scorching tirade against the president for succumbing to "the siren song of socialism" in preparing his record-setting 1958 budget.
Lucas McKay had a toss of 197-09 last year, Sam Lightbody was at 186-06 while Arizonan Jay Fulton threw 185-0.
PHOENIX -- Continuing her lifetime passion of public service, native Arizonan Catherine Eden today filed nominating petitions in the Democratic Primary for the United States Senate.
Governor Doug Ducey issued an executive order to create the Arizona Cybersecurity Team (ACT), a diverse team of experts from state, local, and federal government, the private sector, and higher education to work together to protect Arizonans from a cyber attack.
This proposal seeks to impose burdensome, California-style energy regulations on Arizona meaning higher electricity costs and reduced power reliability for Arizona families, Arizonans for Affordable Electricity spokesman Matthew Benson said.
Arizona Public Service and First Solar are bringing a first-of-its-kind 50-megawatt solar-fueled battery to the desert to provide clean power to Arizonans on hot summer days.
amp;nbsp;Most Arizonans also thought Trump's claim that Mexico would pay for the wall was "not realistic," Reuters reported.
foot clinical, surgical and research facility to continue addressing the growing number of Arizonans dealing with retina related disease such as age-related macular degeneration and diabetic eye disease - both are leading causes of blindness nationally.