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(mathematics) a progression in which a constant is added to each term in order to obtain the next term

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This article will discuss a lesson that introduces arithmetic sequences through a simple, yet rich exploration of a pattern.
The same connection can easily be attained with a group of high school students who have not encountered arithmetic sequences prior to this lesson.
A labeling is called an (Equation) -edge-antimagic vertex labeling, for short (Equation) -EAV labeling, if the set of the edge-weights forms an arithmetic sequence with the initial term a and the difference d, i.
The analogy further required that the product of the terms of a geometric progression in an MIA be matched to the sum of the terms of an arithmetic sequence in an AIA.
In general, by showing multiples with a shift, the user can generate any arithmetic sequence.
it as an increasing arithmetic sequence of the differences (+3, +5,
In [4], inequalities in (8) were generalized and Feng Qi obtained the following inequalities on the ration for the geometric means of a positive arithmetic sequence with unit difference for any nonnegative integer k and natural numbers n and m:
Peterson); "Summation of Arithmetic Sequences of Higher Degree" (Ayoub B.
The sutras were originally envisaged as applying both to arithmetic and algebra, and Joseph (2000) and Bhatanagar (1976) have explained that since polynomials may be perceived as simply arithmetic sequences, the principles apply equally well to them.