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By the time of this aritcle, though, Kahn would warn that "the prevention of unfair competition is the proper job of the antitrust laws, not economic regulatory commissions.
1059, from the same aritcle, explicity states otherwise).
On the heels of winning nearly 30 regional awards from the American Society of Business Press Editors' (ASBPE), International Data Group (IDG), the world's largest IT media and information services company, won an impressive 15 national awards at the recent ASBPE annual competition - including "Magazine of the Year," CIO Magazine and a gold award for a featured aritcle "Career Crisis," Network World.
The EU and Council of Europe are currently seeking to resolve this issue by negotiating for the EU to accede to the ECHR The Ill, meanwhile, is continuing to develop new human rights mechanisms, such as early warning systems in relation to breaches of human rights in Member States under article 7 of the Treaty on Eumpean Union, opened for signature 7 February 1992, [2009] OJC 115/13 (entered into force 1 November 1993): see Wojcieeh Sadurski, 'Adding Bite to a Bark: The Story of Aritcle 7, EU Enlargement, and Jorg Haider' (2010) 16 The Columbia Journal of European Law 385.