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one of the greatest of the ancient Athenian philosophers

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One could demonstrate similar shifts along these lines with regard to other major changes in knowledge about the affective realm, from Aristotle to the Stoics, to Descartes, to Darwin.
Starting from Aristotle (Tanwar), Ibn-e-Khuldun (Encyclopedia Briannica, s.
The Aristotle score: a complexity-adjusted method to evaluate surgical results.
Sixteenth-century translations of classical authorities such as Aristotle, Xenophon, and Cicero therefore shed new light both on the psychology of Coriolanus as hero and on the sociopolitical context of the play.
Critical histories in Urdu inform us that any systematic criticism in Arabic and Persian is only subsequent, and by implications subservient, to the translation of Aristotles Poetics into these languages, most often without critically problematizing the phenomenon, even if the case is really so.
See Phanomenologische Interpretationen zu Aristotles (Einfuhrung in die phenomenologische Forschung) in Gesamtausgabe (Frankfurt am Main: Vittorio Klostermann, 1975-), 61:3 / Phenomenological Interpretations of Aristotle: Initiation into Phenomenological Research, trans.
2005) "Natura e statuto dell' EIDOS: Platone, Aristotles e la tradizione platonica" en Fronterotta, F.
11 Justice as a Virtue" en Essays on Aristotles Ethics.
Berti habla en esta entrevista sobre sus estudios de filosofia, su descubrimiento del metodo dialectico en Aristoteles, basado en las opiniones comunes (los endoxa), la importancia de la filosofia practica de Aristotles y su concepto de la relacion entre etica y politica.
This again raises the spectre of diminishing returns: the true glory of scientific creation lies with the Aristotles and Newtons of our world, while we epigones face an ever more difficult task as we attempt to push science to truly new heights.
335); 'History has known three men called Socrates, five Platos, eight Aristotles, seven Xenophons, twenty Demetriuses and twenty Theodores; just guess how many she has never known
Elizabeth's] house: our pleasant studies in readyng together Aristotles Rethorike, Cicero, and Livie' (sig.
Longeway evaluates the development of medieval theories of demonstration before, during and after Ockham's contribution, making modern readers a part of the progress of the philosophy of science long before and long after Ockham managed to slip his own ideas alongside those of Aristotles.
He characteristically complains that "Yf the byshop of Romes lawes, decrees decretals, extravagantes, clementines and other suche dregges of the devyll, yea yf Heytesburyes sophismes, Porphyryes universals, Aristotles olde logyckes and Dunses dyvynyte, wyth such other lowly legerdemaynes, and frutes of the bottomlesse pytte, had leaped out of our libraries, and so becomen coverynges for bokes comminge from the foren nacyons, we might wele have ben therwith contented.
Schattschneider stated the premise this way: "The problem is not how 180 million Aristotles can run a democracy, but how we can organize a community of 180 million ordinary people so that it remains sensitive to their needs.