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Synonyms for Aristotelean

a follower of Aristotle or an adherent of Aristotelianism

of or relating to Aristotle or his philosophy

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Although Nussbaum does not discuss the concept of grace per se, the Aristotelean conception of learning she believes that novelists possess is consistent with Christianity because they start in the same place.
Changes in Aristotle's views can be historically traced to the seventeenth century when Rene Descartes (1596-1650) presented a major challenge to Aristotelean teleology.
MARKOVITS, supra note 1, at 109 (describing the "venerable Aristotelean tradition" in ethics and citing Williams in support of this tradition).
For a discussion of Platonic and Aristotelean theories of memory available in the Renaissance, see Stephen Greenblatt, Hamletin Purgatory (Princeton: Princeton Univ.
But in the context of this discussion, genuine moral intelligence is Aristotelean decency, vision, purpose, and uncommon sense finally freed from futile attempts to improve upon Aristotle's thinking.
Newstok understands Burke rightly as Aristotelean at his critical core, as an analyst of a given text "seeking a deeper structural rationale for its development" (xviii).
Through the writings of David Cohen, whom she cites, Leach is aware of the currency of Aristotelean formal telos at the heart of counterpoint theory of the late thirteenth and fourteenth centuries.
Collectively these articles attempt to delineate an interdisciplinary paradigm that is consistent with the sensibilities of Aristotelean virtue ethics (MacIntyre, 1984), contemporary moral motive theory (Emmons & McCullough, 2004), and the apophatic tradition of personality change (Jones, 2002).
Exclusivity, teleology and hierarchy: Our Aristotelean legacy.
Pick Your poison is more on the personal side, and this issue deals with Nate's jobs, starting with an Aristotelean quote ("All paid jobs absorb and degrade the mind") and a gas station job.
As this symbol, the trickster represents the aporia in binary definition, the gray area from Aristotelean categorization to Derrida's abyss, from the divine versus non-divine to idealism versus pragmatism.
For an example of this, see Brody's article explicitly entitled "Towards an Aristotelean Theory of Scientific Explanation.
Janko contends that the real Aristotelean meaning of catharsis was deformed by the psycho-analytic school of therapy which viewed catharsis from drama as a type of psychological healing.
501), and that "elements of the Aristotelean form of definition have persisted in modem biological taxonomy in that the names of taxa continue to be treated as if they are defined by lists of organismal traits (see the section titled 'Definition' in numerous recent taxonomic papers)" (de Queiroz and Gauthier, 1990: 308).
It is thus the aim of this article to review some of the traditional concepts, to show the advantages of the fuzziness/nondiscreteness concept of cognitive linguistics over Aristotelean classifications, and to provide the historical lexicologist with an attempt at systemizing especially the motives of lexemic change from an onomasiological viewpoint.