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Ariano wrote a famous Brazilian play entitled "O Auto da Compadecida"; the main character in this play is named "Joao Grilo"--"grilo" is the Brazilian common name for cricket.
I don't want to name names, but we have sat down on several occasions with some of the largest credit unions in the state and have been unable to convince them to take part," Ariano said.
In Zelenitsky, Ariano, McCrae, and Vercaigne's study (2012), using kinetic modelling, a new initial vancomycin dosing protocol (Table 1 (page 27)) was developed and then prospectively validated.
Para Ariano Suassuna, o artista brasileiro teria por missao inspirar-se nas culturas populares rurais para delas extrair a materia prima de uma pretensa arte erudita nacional.
Renato De Vecchis, Carmelina Ariano [1], Adelaide Fusco, Antonio Ciccarelli [1], Carmela Cioppa, Anna Giasi, Claudia Esposito [2], Salvatore Cantatrione
He was born in Boston, son of Dominic and Teresa (Ruggiero) Cardinale, of Ariano, Italy.
Gino Ariano has been appointed to the newly created role of Senior Director, Sentry Business Unit.
By tracking the soma of neurons that migrate in association with glial cells and by monitoring intracellular calcium in both cells types Ariano et al (146) showed that (i) migration of CG cells is a calcium dependent process; (ii) both neurons and nonneuronal cells generate spontaneous calcium signals; (iii) the amplitude of nonneuronal calcium oscillations can be directly correlated with the rate of migration of the complex.
Within three months of the accord with Ercole d'Este, Lucrezia also acquired property in Ariano, followed the next month by the acquisition of Brancole and Donegate, adjacent to Comacchio, and, in February 1515, land in Conselice and Argenta.
Karen Ariano, the manager of this project, said, "They are poor and humble, but they know exactly what they want--information, knowledge, and--above all--opportunity.
Jason Ariano was at work in a building around the corner when he heard a loud noise and felt the walls reverberate.
Theowner of the six millionth Punto is Francesco D' Ariano, a resident in Canosa di Puglia, near Bari, andanemployee at the Melfi facility.
Apodaca pleaded no contest to a felony count of assault with a deadly weapon for the May 31 attack on Marcos Ariano.
Cerrato D, Ariano C, Fiacchino F: Deep vein thrombosis and low-dose heparin prophylaxis in neurosurgical patients.
I do want to thank Bonnie Ariano for joining me and the Secretary.