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antiseptic consisting of a compound of protein and silver (trade name Argyrol)

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The support of a Black educational institution follows a pattern Barnes had set in his Argyrol plant where his employees were integrated and where two hours of the work day were set aside for philosophy and art classes.
Believing in the potential for a better antiseptic formulation of silver, Barnes encouraged Hille to develop a technique for producing a non-irritant formulation: this effort was successful, through the use of a protein found in wheat and rye, to produce silver vitellin, an organic formulation that was named Argyrol.
Barnes formed the firm of Barnes & Hille, selling the product Argyrol, an antiseptic silver compound?
By 1917, prophylactic packets, containing calomel ointment to apply to the genitals, a tube of argyrol to apply to the urethra after sexual intercourse and the occasional condom, were given to soldiers in an attempt to prevent the development of gonorrhoea after sexual exposure.
Armed with a medical degree, he was more salesman than chemist and successfully teamed up with a German scientist to produce Argyrol.
Having decided that surgery was not for him, he went into the pharmaceutical business with a German partner and made a fortune from Argyrol, a product that cures gonorrhea.
5) From these relatively humble beginnings, Barnes went on to train as a doctor and chemist, leading to his ultimate success in marketing the antiseptic Argyrol.