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Marine Private Roscoe Temple fights in all the major battles from Belleau Wood to the Argonne Forest.
Ferrell (Professor Emeritus of History, Indiana University, Bloomington) is the incredible story of five hundred American soldiers comprising elements of two companies from the 77th Division who were entrapped on the side of a ravine in the Argonne Forest by superior German forces from October 2 to 7, 1918.
Only 132 "Peerless Grade" models of the Sergeant York Special Edition 1911 will be made, one for each of the German prisoners York captured almost single-handed on Hill 223 in the Argonne Forest during World War I.
The men end up trapped behind enemy lines in the Argonne Forest.
She describes how her grandfather, a decorated veteran of the Battle of the Argonne Forest in World War I, returned to America where he couldn't vote and was denied basic civil liberties.
A young American soldier in the Great War, Krotoshinsky and about 550 men were cut off in 1918 from the balance of the 77th Division in the dense terrain of France's Argonne Forest, surrounded by enemy troops for five days.
The play begins at a military cemetery in the Argonne Forest composed of a large burial ground of crosses--so many they "continue out of sight.
The Battle of the Argonne Forest was fought during September and October 1918.
From Vallet Forge to the battlefields of Gettysburg; from the Argonne Forest to the shores of Normandy; from the rice paddes of Korea and vietnam to the mountains of Afghanistan and the streets of Baghdad; our military history is rich with the willingness of generation after generation to live by the Warrior Ethos.