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a native or inhabitant of the city of Argos

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Froma Zeitlin focuses on celebration and sacrifice, and particularly on the Argive festival to Hera, as the play's primary ritual content, arguing that the Heraea serves as an "objective yardstick" (1970, 653) against which the moral and ritual chaos of the play's events is measured.
is to demand the individual's return or restitution to the Argive palace from whose cloistered halls the beacons and the oracles have ousted him: Rouse Agamemnon from the bloodbath, put him on his throne again and let his sovereignty trickle down (not today, nor tomorrow, but eventually) to all corners of the empire.
This path--from Kalamianos to Mycenae--moves through the Epidauria and enters the Argive Plain via a route followed by the modem road from Ligourio to Nafplio, avoiding significant mountainous terrain.
correct proportion" in the arts; and the latter sense was enforced further when the Argive sculptor Polykleitos, in his (now lost) Doryphoros or "Spear Bearer" (c.
Some Argive envoys reached Samos to assure the Athenians of Argos' loyalty.
Even after one determines that nebbe is a Middle English term for beak (or metaphorically a mouth or the nub of a pen) and considers that tartan i might find origins in the Mongolian steppes or Argive underworld, the lines are not easily parsed into paraphrase.
30) Here too, amusingly, Tisamenos doubles the demand (although he wants only citizenship, not Melampous' Argive kingship), escalates his wage-demand, so that his brother also be granted Spartan citizenship.
These nurses are not Argive women who play a role in the political world and influence Orestes and Electra by their reactions.
The holy bard, calming those tormented souls with his song, shall make immortal the Argive princes through all lands embraced by the great father Oceanus.
321-327) of the Orestes, where the Chorus of Argive women beseeches the Eumenides to release Orestes from his torments.
Oh would to god--Father Zeus, Athena, and lord Apollo-- not one of all these Trojans could flee his death, not one, no Argive either, but we could stride from the slaughter so we could bring Troy's hallowed crown of towers toppling down around us--you and I alone
As we will see in the next section, in the episode of the Argive widows Chaucer measures the personal and social effects of anger by changes in behavior, location, or perspective.
In the time of the Trojan wars,' Aristotle explains, the Argive land was marshy and could only support a small population, whereas the land of Mycenae was in good condition (and for this reason Mycenae was the superior).
The EBA site at Vassa is situated on a prominent ridge (approximately 175-185m asl) overlooking the Dimaina pass, one of the main overland routes from the Saronic coast through the rugged interior of the Argolid to the major Bronze Age centres in and around the Argive Plain, including Tiryns and Lerna.