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a native or inhabitant of the city of Argos

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She hid them in a thick cloud, and Simois made ambrosia spring up for them to eat; the two goddesses then went on, flying like turtledoves in their eagerness to help the Argives.
Therefore I am retreating, and bidding the other Argives gather in this place, for I know that Mars is now lording it in the field.
But now he was holding talk with Juno and myself, saying he would help the Argives and attack the Trojans; nevertheless he is with the Trojans, and has forgotten the Argives.
The title of the second invokes the Argive mothers in Euripides's play The Suppliants, who beg for the bodies of their seven warrior sons--perhaps the men whose heads are portrayed in clay upstairs.
Froma Zeitlin focuses on celebration and sacrifice, and particularly on the Argive festival to Hera, as the play's primary ritual content, arguing that the Heraea serves as an "objective yardstick" (1970, 653) against which the moral and ritual chaos of the play's events is measured.
He went to many different homes with her to party, even the home of Chabrias of Aexone, when, in the archonship of Socratidas, he came first at the Pythian games with the four-horse chariot which he had bought from the sons of Mitys, the Argive, and returning from Delphi he held a victory celebration at Colias, and many there had sex with her, drunk from the wine, while Phrynion was asleep--even Chabrias's slaves who had served up the meal.
For Pelops' sons Atreus and Thyestes contested the kingship of Mycenae, and Atreus' sons, Menelaus and Agamemnon, dominate Greek myths of Mycenaean, Argive, and Spartan power.
Hercules is said to have been later than Mercury, though still belonging to the Argive era.
The Boeotian river, Asopus, prevents the Argive soldiers from advancing and they hesitate to cross it (7.
Scholars mention the "implicit etiology" of the bronze shield won during the Argive Heraia (21) but elements in the text are not clearly apparent and their interpretation remains complicated.
Later, betrayed by his treacherous wife, Amphiaraus is forced to join the ill-fated Argive army and, to his credit, meets death with courage: 'non arma manu, non frena remisit: / sicut erat, rectos defert in Tartara currus, / respexitque cadens caelum' (7.
She urges Athena to help her prevent a premature homecoming for the Greeks, lest they "leave as a boast for Priam and the Trojans Argive Helen, for whose sake many (polloi) Achaeans have perished at Troy, far from their dear fatherland.
30) Here too, amusingly, Tisamenos doubles the demand (although he wants only citizenship, not Melampous' Argive kingship), escalates his wage-demand, so that his brother also be granted Spartan citizenship.
Some Argive envoys reached Samos to assure the Athenians of Argos' loyalty.