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I wanted to interest him in this Argentine Canal scheme, of which I dare say you have heard.
You are not going to lend your support to this Argentine speculation?
An Argentine paper published the tweet and Mr Benjamin, on his first ambassadorial posting, took the tweet down.
This will be followed by the UK launch of "Wings of Thunder", the history of over 600 Argentine volunteers who flew in the British and Canadian airforces during the war.
It sought to mirror the rich variety of Argentine culture, the contrasts between the urban tango and the older dance traditions of a people conquered centuries earlier, the cultural shock of a rural immigrant upon arriving in the big city.
A total of 250 Argentines are killed, 1,400 captured and 17 British die.
Young Argentines are passionate about politics, and students often organize demonstrations to show their opposition to an issue.
With Argentines accounting for over a third of the counter-season output, agronomist Torres Posse argues that they can complement rather than compete with their Northern Hemisphere counterparts.
THE SOUND OF TRACTORS AND EARTH-LEVELERS CAN BE heard virtually all around the once-sleepy town of Tupungato, a traditional walnut-growing area nestled in the foothills of the Andes near the Argentine city of Mendoza.
But once endemicity was established, Argentines ceased to look for a comprehensive solution to periodic outbreaks.
In that short little war, some outdated Argentine planes went up against American Sidewinder missiles on British Harrier fighters and a whole array of surface-to-air missiles: Sea Slug, Sea Cat, Sea Dart, Sea Wolf, Rapier, even the shoulder-fired British Blowpipe and American Stinger.
LONDON, April 4 /PRNewswire/ -- Twelve RAF veterans arrive in London from Argentina this week for the launch of "Wings of Thunder", the history of over 600 Argentine volunteers who flew in the British and Canadian airforces during the war.
Argentine hotel conference rooms can cost a fraction of what they do in neighboring countries.
The price of livestock has fallen and crops are often not an option in regions lacking the rich topsoil that has made the Argentine Pampas one of the world's leading producers of beef and grain.
Distinctions between proletarian and elite Nazism, conflicts within the German community, the reluctance of Argentines to accept Nazi race-based reasoning, and the range of pressures exerted by the local NSDAP.