Argemone mexicana

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annual herb with prickly stems and large yellow flowers

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Preliminary study on the insecticidal effect of an botanical extract of Argemone mexicana L.
Two new protopines argemexicaines A and B and the anti-HIV alkaloid 6-acetonyl-dihydrochelerythrine from Formosan Argemone mexicana.
Phytochemical screening and toxicity evaluation on the leaves of Argemone mexicana Linn.
Adulteration of various oils with argemone mexicana was reported by other authors.
7] The color, shape and size of argemone mexicana seeds are similar to that of the dark colored mustard seeds.
Argemone mexicana decoction versus artesunate-amodiaquine for the management of malaria in Mali: policy and public-health implications.
Among the species assayed, Argemone mexicana, Cecropia glazioui, Mangifera indica, Persea americana and Tulbaghia violaceae were selected based on their traditional use as antihypertensive and/or diuretics, whereas a chemosystematic approach was adopted for the others.
Recovery of Gly-Gly (% mean; n = 6) Gly-Gly concentration (mmol/l) Plant extract 15 30 45 Argemone mexicana L.
the ones obtained with methanol from Eucaliptus globulus, Argemone mexicana L.
En el TABLA II se aprecia que el extracto obtenido con metanol de las hojas de Argemone mexicana L.
De forma similar, no presentaron actividad sobre la parasitemia, la extraccion obtenida con cloroformo y metanol-agua de las plantas Argemone mexicana L.
Epidemic dropsy following transcutaneous absorption of Argemone mexicana oil.
The whole plants of Xanthium brasilicum and Argemone mexicana were collected between January 2008 and April 2008.
While the yield percentage of Argemone mexicana in chloroform, methanol and water extract was 3.
Figure 4 shows the activity of chloroform extract of Argemone mexicana.