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rock formed from consolidated clay sediments

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P2304 was awarded to Europa and Arenite as a Promote Licence in the UK Offshore 28th Licensing Round with an effective date of 1 December 2015, and the OGA has agreed to extend the Initial Term of the Licence until 1 December 2018.
The RST 2 is represented by the Amb 4 and Amb 5 facies indicating inner shelf lagoonal facies overlain by quartz arenite facies of non marine nature.
The Mount Simon Formation extends into the subsurface as far east as western Ohio where it is described as tan, friable, moderately sorted, rounded, coarse- to very coarse-grained, siliceous quartz arenite with minor heterolithic sandstone-mudstone couplets (rhythmites) and a quartz granule conglomerate (Saeed and Evans, 2012).
Despite color differences caused by hematite staining, these bodies are composed of lithic arenite sandstone comparable to that in the overlying multistorey bodies.
2000) resulted in recognition of the first-reported occurrences in Canada of quartz arenite containing stromatolites and biofilm structures (Fig.
9 million barrels a day comes from the Campos Basin at much shallower depths from arenite rock, which allows Petrobras to re-inject gas and water to maintain oil pressure.
Samples located in deep water (> 20 m) were composed of moderately sorted coarse silt (38 [micro]m-63 pm) with shell and organic fragments, whereas those at shallow depths (< 10 m) were composed of very well sorted very fine arenite sand (63 [micro]m-125 [micro]m; Table 1).
According to Folk's (1980) classification, 80% of the plots fall under Quartz arenite field whereas 20% falls in the Sub-lithiarenite field (Fig.
Bien que la plus grande presence de materiel archeologique en arenite ait ete enregistree sous la forme de galets roules, la meilleure qualite se trouve dans les grands blocs.
The detrital component of the rocks of the Vadja Fm is mainly arenite, containing quartz 50-65%, feldspars 15-25% and micas 5-30% (Fig.
The magaripples occur on the upper bedding plane of a 35-cm thick, medium to coarse-grained quartz arenite.
The marine unit is characterized by a well-sorted, subrounded, low sphericity, fine-grained quartz arenite representing sediments of the Princess Anne terrace.
From a geo-lithological point of view, the area is characterized by a wide heterogeneity of types: from clayey-calcareous substrata such as limestone, calcareous arenite, silty marl, grey clayey marl, polychromatic marl and clay, to siliceous sandstone.
The tools show the use of quartzite, quartz, shale, arenite and flint, although only the latter is used in quantity, representing 20% of the total; it was also the only raw material that could be adequately characterised.
Apparently, scientists first discovered the mineral in 1876 and called it arenite, which means "blue sky" in Greek.