sedimentary rock

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rock formed from consolidated clay sediments

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The Mount Simon Formation extends into the subsurface as far east as western Ohio where it is described as tan, friable, moderately sorted, rounded, coarse- to very coarse-grained, siliceous quartz arenite with minor heterolithic sandstone-mudstone couplets (rhythmites) and a quartz granule conglomerate (Saeed and Evans, 2012).
Despite color differences caused by hematite staining, these bodies are composed of lithic arenite sandstone comparable to that in the overlying multistorey bodies.
2002, Organic mats, evaporite pseudomorphs and soft-sediment deformation in quartz arenites of the Cambro-Ordovician Nepean Formation: GAC-MAC, Saskatoon 2002, Program with Abstracts, [http://gac.
The carbonate always has a different behavior than arenite, which is more homogenous.
The sediments were affected by minor tectonism which ultimately led to the development of mature sandstones nomenclature as Quartz arenite and Quartzose arenite.
The Unicoi Formation contains basalt flows in its basal units but largely consists of immature conglomerate, arkose and sub-arkosic arenite (Rodgers, 1953).
The marine unit is characterized by a well-sorted, subrounded, low sphericity, fine-grained quartz arenite representing sediments of the Princess Anne terrace.
Apparently, scientists first discovered the mineral in 1876 and called it arenite, which means "blue sky" in Greek.
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The adjacent lithologies of the Horton Group vary from fine-grained, typically micaceous, quartz arenite to conglomerate or breccia.
The Liard Formation is mainly a calcite-cemented, fine- to medium-grained, well- to sub-rounded to sub-angular, 90 percent quartz arenite of marine shoreface origin (Hickin and others, 2010).
In that structural context, the well-mineralized veins appear to be preferentially developed near the upper contacts of coarsening-upward turbiditic sequences of fine- to coarse-grained quartz arenite that are interbedded locally with quartz and chert pebble conglomerate (grits).
The Gowganda Formation is conformably overlain by the Lorrain Formation, which has a maximum observed thickness in excess of 300 m and is cut by an erosional surface; this thickness includes only the lower arkosic unit and not the overlying quartz arenite (Jambor 1971a).