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any of several tall tropical palms native to southeastern Asia having egg-shaped nuts

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Its standard selection of palms comprises Tropical Date, Washingtonia Fan, Cocus and the new Areca Palm.
uk); Pot on floor with plant in - stylist's own; Large fake Areca palm pounds 249.
Some of the indoor plants you can get for your home include money plant, areca palm and snake plant.
Although people usually refer to the nut of the areca palm as "betel nut", this is incorrect.
Instead, they used the spathe of the areca palm to cover their genitals.
At the Singapore facility, the occasion was marked with plantings of areca palm tress and cycas trees.
The Living Room Plant" Areca Palm (Chrysalidocarpus lutescens)
The following plants have been shown to be among the most effective in counteracting off-gassed chemicals and contributing to balanced internal humidity: areca palm, dwarf date palm, spider plant, Boston fern, dracaena, English ivy, weeping fig, peace lily and rubber plant.
Chrysalidocarpus lutescens--Yellow Butterfly Palm, Bamboo Palm, Areca Palm *
Areca Palm Lady Palm Bamboo Palm Rubber Plant Dracaena "Janet Craig" English Ivy Dwarf Date Palm Ficus Alii Boston Fern Peace Lily Corn Plant Golden Pothos Kimberley Queen Florist's Mum Gerbera Daisy Dracaena "Warneckei" Dragon Tree Red Emerald Philodendron Syngonium Dumb Cane Parlor Palm Weeping Fig Schefflera Wax Begonia Lacy Tree Philodendron Heart-Leaf Philodendron Snake Plant Elephant Ear Philodendron Norfolk Island Pine King of Hearts
Top purifiers include the peace lily, areca palm, lady palm, ficus, and golden pothos.
On the other hand, sometimes a woman will for example climb an areca palm to gather the nuts.