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the cortical area that receives information from the lateral geniculate body of the thalamus

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Founded in 2003, Area 17 has created content for clients such as Adidas, American Express, MTV and MySpace, among hundreds of others.
She lived in various cities in the United States as well as overseas before settling in this area 17 years ago.
This prediction was strongest for area 17, weakest for area 22, and area 26 was an exception, having the lowest apparent recruitment throughout the time series (Table 1).
If we don't get something done soon, it is going to be worse,'' said Jo Anne Wilkinson, who has lived in the area 17 years.
April 16 A massive fire broke out in Industrial Area 17.
A supermarket owner in Industrial Area 17 said this was the first time that the store had faced such problems and incurred losses.
So far, the order has led to 190 people being dispersed, several of them more than once, including one youngster who was removed from the area 17 times.
The four beachside communities represent a population of about 120,000 and comprise a 100-square-mile, tax-supported district known as County Service Area 17 (CSA 17).
Tenders are invited for Special Repairs To Vip Hut And Certain Porta Cabins Near Vip Hut At Technical Area 17 Fbsu Af Station Trivandrum
The alignment of samples in Area 17 North corresponds approximately to the location of the contact between the Santa Isabel granitic intrusion and the enclosing acid gneiss.
Poised at the forefront of the new creative revolution, Area 17 has worked with a wide range of clients, including Canal+, Coca-Cola and Nike.
but once my tenancy contract expires this August I will definitely leave the building and find a reasonable place to live in Dubai,o Mohammad Nadeem Khan, a resident of Industrial Area 17, said.
I Kleinman -- area 17, Europe, North Africa & Middle East
Harris, a mother of two, who lives in Industrial Area 17.
Distracted Driving has been designated Challenge Area 17, adding to the 16 Challenge Areas originally established in the Plan, currently two years into implementation.