Arctic hare

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a large hare of northern North America

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Little Arctic hares have plenty of predators who fancy them as a snack, so they stay close to their mothers for long periods until they can survive on their own.
With caribou and moose hides and antlers, arctic hare fur and other resources provided by nature, the Nets'aii Gwich'in have been making beautiful wares for thousands of years, and this tradition continues today.
Comparative social learning among arctic herbivores: the caribou, muskox and arctic hare.
Parked amid the polar bears' Hudson Bay habitat, Natural Habitat Adventures' 7-day Churchill Tundra Lodge Adventure immerses guests with optimal viewing of the bears, as well as caribou, Arctic fox, Arctic hare, and snowy owls, and daily forays by Polar Rover.
Part of Gateshead Council's Winter Festival, this is a constantly moving show, with Konyn changing tack, and voices, in stories of the longest night, the sun and moon and Northern Lights, plus marriage and love and seas and seals, while dancer Andrea Masala is mesmerising as the Arctic hare - balletic one moment, rabbit-like jumps and thrusts the next - and beautiful, mood-changing fiddle music comes courtesy of Hinny Pawsey.
ARCTIC HARE Existence is threatened by warming caps SNOW LEOPARD Colder winter habitat getting too warm ELEPHANT SEAL Dependent on finely-balanced eco-system EMPEROR PENGUIN Habitat and staple diet under threat POLAR BEAR Majestic symbol of climate change threat
A pack of wolves followed the team for two days and there was unusual meeting with an arctic hare.
A series of seasonal stories, they will be accompanied by traditional Nordic music, a dancing Arctic hare and the light display.
So far, we've had caribou, beluga, musk ox, walrus, Arctic fox, snowy owl, Arctic hare .
Animals including the snow bunting and Arctic hare, which rely on snow cover in the mountains, are also under threat.
This included caribou, Arctic hare and fox and musk oxen.
They enlist the services of fun-loving penguin Caruso, Arctic hare Lena andsnow goose Pieps to search every inch of the ice to find Lars.
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