Arctic fox

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thickly-furred fox of Arctic regions

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As Matt Gallo, a spokesman for Prospect Genius, explains, "The improved Internet visibility that we're achieving for Arctic Fox Cooling is the result of an integrated approach to marketing their services online.
Berteaux and his team, we now know that Arctic fox parents have lots of ways to help their babies survive and grow up.
Arctic fox depredation accounts for >80% of nest failures in some years (Walter 1996) and local arctic fox dens have been monitored regularly for occupancy.
Most notable is the polar bear, but walruses, seals, the arctic fox, and other animals also live there.
White stuff: Arctic fox Juliet should feel at home I've got the hump: This camel doesn't look too keen on snow Heat seeker: A chilly meerkat warms up under a heat lamp Snow Snow go: It's so cold even this snow leopard won't go out
Arctic Fox, long ago had a white coat all the time, all year long.
Similarities can be seen in the types of adornment, which include a necklace made of arctic fox teeth, and in the method of decoration, such as incised grids and 'oblique crosses'.
The refuge provides habitat for polar bears, wolves, arctic fox, snowy owls, wolverines, musk oxen, grizzly bears, and caribou, among others.
has sold its Prudhoe Bay assets to the newly formed Arctic Fox Environmental Inc.
Besides location, transmitters can be designed to collect sensory data, such as when a polar bear enters and leaves its den, whether an arctic fox has spent a lot of time resting or running, or how long and deep a seal has been diving.
The arctic fox habitat is next door, but you have to get up early to catch sight of these three shy creatures (mostly nocturnal, they live in burrows).
Creative organisations such as ARKive have produced a set of origami templates allowing pupils to create a Christmas tree or Arctic fox.
This amazing pic of an arctic fox was taken by Russian miner Ivan Kislov, who says that his foxy friend was more than willing to model for his photos.
Shipman noted that high numbers of wild wolf and Arctic fox bones appear along with the mammoth bones.
For glistening on those shelves is the new bottled Iceland glacier water bearing a picture of a silvery Arctic Fox, which could very well live up to its tag as "the purest water on the planet.
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