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small trout of northern waters

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NRW officers have been catching and stripping the eggs of Arctic charr and breeding them at their hatchery in Brecon.
Arctic charr can only be found in a few cold, deep lakes in north Wales, where they have developed into distinct populations.
Turner E, Montgomerie R (2002) Ovarian fluid enhances sperm movement in Arctic charr.
Status of anadromous Arctic charr (Salvelinus alpinus) of the Hornaday River, Northwest Territories, as assessed through harvest-based sampling of the subsistence fishery, August-September 1990-2007.
He said steps had been taken to improve the habitat of the rare Arctic charr and a breeding programme was now in place.
A further 500 fish will be released into each lake later in the year Arctic charr can only be found in a few cold, deep lakes where they have developed into distinct populations but declining numbers of the charr (also known as the torgoch) in Llyn Padarn are causing fears for their future.
2008), brown trout (Kocaman, 2009; Demir, 2010), Atlantic salmon (Hansen and Moller 1985; Peterson 1995), rainbow trout (Hodson and Blunt, 1986; Bascinar, 2010), brook trout (Kocaman, 2009; Bascinar, 2003), and Arctic charr and their hybrids (Dumas et al.
In addition, Miglavs and Jobling (1989) showed that the relative sizes of liver and viscera decreased with either feed deprivation for 16 weeks or restricted feeding, which was 10% of feed consumption at satiation feeding for 8 weeks in Arctic charr (Salvelinus aplinus) and increased to levels exceeding those of fish fed continuously to satiation after fish were transferred from restricted to satiation feeding for the following 8 weeks.
Studies conducted in the past have shown that in animals, such as the domestic fowl, and fish, such as the Arctic charr, males with privileged access to females produce ejaculates of lower fertilising quality than subordinate males.
Rare Arctic charr from Ennerdale Water are being reared.
In this sense, food conversion efficiency has been shown to increase during recovery periods following starvation in the European minnow, Phoxinus phoxinus (Russell and Wootton 1992), Arctic charr (Miglavs and Jobling 1989a), and Atlantic cod, Gadus morhua (Jobling et al.
It is the only remaining natural location for the Arctic charr and the lake is heavily used for bathing and boating.
12 for a closely related salmonid Arctic charr Salvelinus alpinus, which corresponds to a Q10 of 3.
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