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a unit of angular distance equal to a 60th of a degree

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5 galaxy, IC 1984, is positioned 24 arcminutes west of NGC 1433.
7 it is the brightest star in the field of view, but look carefully at the star lying 8 arcminutes southwest.
For a bonus try the galaxy NGC 3077 about 45 arcminutes southeast of M81.
Its size (roughly 16 by 2 arcminutes, oriented northwest-southeast) and brightness (10th-magnitude) are impressive.
Before you leave M13, try finding the 12th-magnitude galaxy NGC 6207, 40 arcminutes to the northeast.
Saturn's main bright satellite, 8th-magnitude Titan, can be found roughly 3 arcminutes due east of the planet on February 5 and 21 and March 9 and 25: it is due west eight days later.
M110, 36 arcminutes northwest of the nucleus, is an oval cloud weakly concentrated in the middle.
The stellar duo are separated by nearly 15 arcminutes.
A degree is made up of 60 arcminutes (60'), and each arcminute is made up of 60 arcseconds (60").
The human eye could theoretically resolve about 1/2 arcminute if it were made with machine perfection, but in the real world, folks with excellent eyesight can resolve about 2 arcminutes.
A degree is made up of 60 arcminutes, and each arcminute is divided into 60 arcseconds.
Unlike the other three, which depend on vast CCD arrays, the LMI is one of the largest single CCDs in astronomy, with 36 megapixels covering a field of view nearly 13 arcminutes on a side.
It's extraordinarily tempting to use TPoint and the MX's altitude and azimuth adjustments to aim for polar-alignment perfection, especially since the first iteration of the process can often get you within 3 or 4 arcminutes of the celestial pole.
I returned in January to watch the Sun sink within 3 arcminutes of the 1639 sunset.